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Sunday, October 08, 2006

immigration and traditional values

America has throughout its existence been a refuge and a sanctuary for individuals throughout the world. The stability and security of our society has enabled hard-working individuals and their families to make better lives for themselves, and in doing so, contribute to the wealth of our society. As we are increasingly concerned about the stability and security of our society, we must recognize how beneficial immigration has been for our society, and how important it is that we draw upon our historical legacy of unrestricted immigration.

For well over a century, immigration to the United States was virtually unrestricted, and the society and economy of the US flourished. Over time, as individuals have come to take for granted the blessings of life in our free society, appeals to exclude other people from the United States have been more and more successful. From the anti-Catholic quotas of the early 20th century to the present-day restrictions that are often more like campaign literature than legislation, restrictions on immigration have often been driven more by political passions than principle and reason.

The ideal of equality before the law and its practical realization has been among the greatest contributions of America to human civilization. The tendency of individuals to appeal to group citizenship erodes this magnficient accomplishment, as individuals seek political advantage for their group by creating laws that disadvantage others. The authority of the law is degraded by its use to exclude and hinder others, and laws restricting immigration are an example of this degradation.

Without considering principle, however, there is the fact that immigration contributes to the wealth of our society. Allowing individuals to come to participate in our society, in our free market economy, leads to contributions to us all, in the form of lower prices and higher wages.

Therefore, two clear recommendations are:

  • laws restricting immigration should be eliminated and immigrants currently in the United States should be free to pursue residence and employment in the United States, and
  • immigrants should be barred from receiving public benefits, with such benefits available only to citizens. This would ensure that people do not abuse the benefits of freedom and instead become wards of the state when coming to the United States.

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