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Technology for liberty and justice.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Economic Calculation for Physical Security and Criminal Justice

The topic addressed in this space is technology for liberty and justice. Any effort toward the realization of these highest of philosophical ideals must also directly address more obvious factors, for example the enhancement of liberty and justice while increasing security at the same time.

Security of one's person and possessions is a basic need of individuals, and the provision of physical security is of paramount practical importance. A balancing of liberty and security allows individuals to pursue actions that they choose in any way that does not violate another individual's person or property.

Threats to security are not always effectively addressed in existing systems of justice. In particular, serious threats that are obvious to those with the closest knowledge of the circumstances (such as a violent individual threatening an estranged romantic partner), may not be effectively addressed, while the full weight of the law is applied to address relatively trivial offenses.

The apparently senseless misallocation of resources in the criminal justice system is an example of the socialist calculation problem. This problem arises where activities in an extended society are centrally directed, without the use of market exchange to coordinate the actions of individuals within the whole.

A primary focus of the Rothbardix operating system will be information systems to enable economic calculation in criminal justice. By issuing economic instruments indicating customer satisfaction with the processes of criminal justice, it will be possible to introduce economic calculation into the distributed enterprise of physical security provision. The software in the Rothbardix OS for managing sensor systems will use economic instruments that are linked by market exchanges to other economic instruments representing desired security and criminal justice objectives.

In order to realize this objective, it is necessary to develop systems for economic calculation with information currency, and systems for information currency utilization in large-scale sensor networks, to name just two outstanding examples.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

first post!

Rothbardix will be a Linux-based operating system that uses economic calculation to make information system operation more efficient and productive. Rothbardix will also use information currency for greater productivity and efficiency in the development process (with ICWS and icsvn as the first examples of information currency-enabled development tools).

This blog will record the progress toward the development of Rothbardix. From a response email from's management seeking clarification of a project registration request:

Please provide answers to these questions:
1. How frequently do you expect to be updating packages within your tree?
2. Do you plan to also provide full releases in an ISO file format (or similar)?
3. How many members of your team will be directly updating the package tree?
4. How many distinct versions or quality delineations do you intend to maintain (i.e. stable, unstable, testing, etc.)?
5. What mechanism will your end-users be using to update their local package load?
6. How many packages do you expect to exist in each tree (as described in #4)?
7. What do you estimate to be your maximal space requirement for all materials you intend to provide?
8. Are all materials you are providing under an Open Source license?
9. Does your project intend to make use of our project CVS services?
10. What other features will your project be using?
This will help us to ensure the needs of your project are met by the services provided by to your project.

Answers yet to come!